Application Proccess

Your business is unique, with its own opportunities and challenges. We will examine your priorities and apply our expertise to help you succeed, now and for the future.

Loan Approval Criteria

The venture must have owner equity, technical and financial viability. All financing is secured by assets satisfactory to IBC.

Owner Equity

The minimum equity requirement for all loans is 10%, of which at least half is to be in the form of cash equity. This is the minimum requirement and must increase due to the unfavourable risk factors such as prior credit difficulties, unfavourable risk evaluation or any other mitigating factor. Assets may be acceptable to IBC in lieu of cash.

Security / Collateral

All loan collateral must be free and clear of liens. Existing and/or purchased livestock will be branded with the IBC brand.


Credit rating acceptable to IBC with any past credit problems resolved (i.e. no outstanding judgments or collections.)

Required Documentation

Documentation required for the application process includes:

  • BCR (re: IBC reserve access)
  • Business Plan / Outline (where applicable)

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